All great ideas start with pen and paper, whether it's a new product, a new business, or a new direction.

Scratchpad Consulting combines storytelling essentials with business expertise to create engaging content
that highlights your unique concept. 

Let us help you turn your passion into a vision, a message, a reality.

What our clients are saying...

"Early in my business, I realized I lacked the know-how to write content that represented my personality. My business coach introduced me to Lauren and Mason, and I immediately liked their vibe. At their request, I sent drafts of my website and recordings of sessions with my business coach, so they could get a deeper sense of me and my business.

They were able to take my content and reframe it in a way that is light and fresh. These two have some serious talent. I am very happy that I met them."

Kami Pollvogt, Founder of Change by Design


"Scratchpad Consulting is one of my closest and most trusted sources of support in writing, researching, and planning for my business's future.

As a self-employed creative for nearly a decade, I know how daunting it can be to bear the whole burden of marketing, writing, researching, and everything else that comes with working on one's own. But Lauren and Mason at Scratchpad have been game-changers. I finally feel like I have a smart, self-sufficient, supportive team at my back."

Dave Ursillo, Professional Writer, Author, & Writing Teacher at Dave Ursillo